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powell, Ph.D.

Strategic Empowerment Coach

Implementing strategies that empower you to be your BEST self.

Who is

Dr. Tiffany powell

Tiffany S. Powell, Ph.D. is a Strategic Empowerment Coach, who is dedicated to carefully selecting and implementing strategies designed to empower organizations to make progress towards change. She also offers one-on-one coaching for individuals who need some accountability while on their personal path to educational/professional attainment. She’s a seasoned educator with 26 years of experience–spanning from elementary to post-graduate education. She actively publishes and is a sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator of professional training in the local community and beyond. Dr. Powell is the founder/CEO of DrTiffSpeaks Educational Consulting. She holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, an MS in Math Education, and a BA in Psychology and Elementary Education. 

Professional Training

We use creative and innovative approaches which engage and challenge audiences to ask tough questions, all while providing practical strategies known to advance a strategic-based agenda.  We facilitate interactive training (virtually and in-person) for a variety of organizations.

Strategic Approaches

We employ a strategic approach to personal and organizational needs based on gathered assessment data. One-on-one coaching sessions provide space for identification and goal-setting.

Curricular Content

Curricular content-focused training includes Integrative STEM, Mathematics & Literacy, Student Engagement, and Curriculum Development for grades K-6.

Leadership Development

We incorporate tenents of IO (industrial and organizational) psychology to support the development of leaders in various levels from high school to corporate settings.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We specialize in supporting organizations in the development of sustainable DEI programs. Through round table discussions, we provide listening spaces for people to share their truths and facilitate discussions that guide participants through tough conversations.


Book Development

Space and support for the development of book ideas. Brainstorming, outlining, and accountability sessions serve as conducive pathways to producing final products. 

the day my soul danced

A Reader’s Review

“The Day My Soul Danced invites us on a spiritual journey of self-reflection and inner healing. Dr. Tiff blesses us with her profound insights, vibrant and soulful poetic expression, and spiritual knowledge undergirded by God’s Word. She imparts to us, hope that we too can overcome the enemy’s attacks.
Thank you Dr. Tiff for allowing God to use the power of your testimony as a demonstration of how we too can find our own rhythm and dance into God’s perfect will for our lives.”


cheering for

your success


I am passionate about helping people, especially when it comes to seeing them pursue and accomplish their educational and professional goals. I am what some may call “a cheerleader”. The irony of that role is that I was actually “a cheerleader” while in high school. The freedom to be creative and the opportunity to challenge others to push themselves by trying new things has spilled over into my professional life. Now, I cheer people on toward seeing their goals materialize right before their eyes.
Just like learning the actual routines with the “squad”, it is never just a one-step process. Mastery of any skill takes time and dedication. You have to be determined to stay the course despite challenges. All good teams usually have a leader who positions themselves to keep the team encouraged even when they want to give up.
So, when you think of Dr. Tiffany, think of the person who cheers you on with enthusiasm, strategy, experience, and dedication. It is my consistent goal to support my clients with developing clear goals and outlining the steps to meet them. I believe in the “WINNER” in You!!!

Resources for the journey

DrTiffSpeaks has a variety of educational resources to support the K12-Doctorate student and much more.

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Client Testimonials


Tangible, real-life strategies to provide more equity within the classroom in terms of recognizing and representing the different cultures in the classroom.”

“I enjoyed Dr. Powell’s personality & how she was so engaging. She also gave practical ways to use the information.”

“I enjoyed that the presentation felt like a safe space. The presenter was very positive and supportive…”

“I liked learning new terms and thought Dr. Powell was an exceptional speaker.”

“It can’t be improved, it was amazing!”

“Come back again!”

  • engaging presentation-95%
  • increased knowledge/awareness – 89%
  • applicable content – 85%

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Is your organization searching for the tools and strategies that will raise awareness regarding the policies, practices, and procedures related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? Do you want to improve your responsiveness to the concerns of your diverse organization? Perhaps you want to increase the diversity of your organization. Have you just needed some specific steps to guide you along the way? If this is you, then this upcoming eBook is just what you have been waiting for.

   RELEASE DATE: September 2021